SIA2024 Parameters and Schedules

The profile/schedule and parameter generation is described in detail in the implementation classes. Please read through the API documentation or have a look in the source files.

Note that data from Norm SIA2024/2016 cannot be published OpenSource. Thus, a set of pre-generated profiles is included with CESAR-P and parameter generation is turned off by default (see config in cesarp.SIA2024). The data ressources needed are stored in a separate project which is available for members of the Urban energy systems Lab. If you need to generate profiles please contact us (see README for contact details).

Generation overview


Horizontal Variability


Implementation Notes

  • SIA2024 Thermostat profiles Setback is applied if for a room setback during night and during unoccupied hours is set to active in the SIA Excel input sheet. If both setbacks are defined and they overlap, the setback is only applied once.

  • SIA2024 DHW Demand see SIA2024 - Domestic Hotwater Demand