Life cycle emissions and costs

There are several aspects regarding emissions and costs

operational emissions and costs

  • implemented in package cesarp.emissons_cost

  • as a input energy source/carrier for domestic hotwater and space heating are needed (as csv input file, see configuration of cesarp.manager)

  • all cost and emission factors are collected in the cesarp.energy_strategy package

embodied emissions data

  • in the construction database (GraphDB) and the CESAR-P data model embodied emissions can attached either to a Construction as a whole (wall, roof, …) or to a material.

  • those attributes are not populated for all the construction elements and materials, so if you want to build up on them be aware that they might be None in the data model classes.

retrofit costs and emissions

  • for each retrofit measure “carried out” by a retrofit manager class, the costs and emissions are calculated and written to the retrofit log. implementation of embodied cost and emission calculations are defined in package cesarp.retrofit.embodied

  • the user is responsible to sum up those per-retrofit measure emisssion and cost in the way he needs. a instance of RetrofitLog is returned by the retrofit manager classes (cesarp.retrofit.all_bldgs.SimpleRetrofitManager or cesarp.retrofit.energy_perspective_2050.EnergyPerspective2050RetrofitManager)

  • cost factors are read from cesarp.embodied.retrofit.ressources and are based on KBOB data

  • emissions are read from the construction database, see above

  • more details see Detailed Design diagrams

life cycle emission and costs for new buildings

  • emission and costs data attached to the construction elements in the data model need to be evaluated on a per-project bases (the reason is that we currently do not have data for all constructional archetypes in the same manner, e.g. either on material level for materails used in retrofitted constructions or on construction level…)

  • to get the per-construction-element areas of a building, you can use the methods in cesarp.geometry.area_calculator. pass in the BuildingShapeDetailed stored in the BuildingModel for each of your buildings.