cesarp.site package


Package handles parameters depending on the site of the building.

The main reason is handling of weatehr files. We have two options built in, either all buildings are located on the same site and use the same weather file or each building is located at a different site.

Note that in case of different site per building, we still expect all buildings to be included in the same site vertices input file. This can grow big and inefficient in case neighbouring buildings shall be modeled. For such cases, you better set up a pipeline processing each building individually (each building with its own building information file and site vertices file, the latter including its neighbouring buildings).

The classes/modules built to be used as the API of the package:




interface to use when all your buildings are located at the same site, using the same weather file input


interface for distributed site in switzerland, each building is assigned to a community and for each community a weather file is assigned