cesarp.model package


Data model of cesar-p.

For each building of the site an instance of cesarp.model.BuildingModel is created. The model includes all properties of the building needed to create the EnergyPlus IDF file. If you extend cesar-p with new building properties, as was done e.g. for passive cooling, add the new parameters to the model. In case you do so, make sure old versions stored to disk can be reloaded by adapting the upgrade_if_necessary() method and you increse the self._class_version in BuildingModel

The BuildingModel is serializable, meaning that you can use pickle to write it to disk. See cesarp.manager.json_pickling

This package contains the data model only and no business logic is implemented here. This is done to accomplish a separation of concerns between assembling all necessary parameters and creating the EnergyPlus specific IDF file from it. The original idea was that with this architecture we could from the same building model input files for another simulation tool. It turned out that we need quite a lot of rather EnergyPlus specific parameters, thus the building model is quite linked to EnergyPlus requirements currently.




Parent of the building model, linking to all other model classes.


Building Types supported.